Our Story

We understand that life is too busy to worry about what you should and shouldn’t eat. We understand that nutrition shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and a smoothie shouldn't cost more than your weekly gym membership.

We think that you should be out there living life and not trolling the internet for the latest nutrition trends. We don’t want you spending your excess money on fruits and vegetables only to have them rotting in your fridge days later. We want you to spend more time on what you want by providing you with a tasty, nutritious and affordable solution.

Our Principles:

  • Reduce Time
  • Cut Cost
  • Minimise Wastage
  • Maximise Nutrition
  • Increase Flavour

It simply comes down to these five factors.

Time: It is very time consuming sourcing all the ingredients for your smoothie then washing, peeling and chopping them every day (usually all before work). So we’ve saved you the hassle and done it for you.

Cost: We spend time sourcing quality suppliers and buying ingredients in wholesale quantities, so we can pass that saving down to our customers. Our product costs are simply lower than anywhere you can get in retail proportions.

Wastage: One bunch of kale for one smoothie? (we’ve all been there). Making smoothies as home creates a lot of wastage and leaves food rotting in your fridge. Problem solved with our ready-to-go blends!

Nutrition: We have spent hours upon hours manipulating our recipes to ensure that our blends adhere to recommended nutritional guidelines.

Flavour: Just throw anything in a smoothie and it’ll work out? We don’t think so! We have worked long and hard to come up with our unique (and sometimes unusual) blends. You won’t find a boring smoothie at ReadyBlends!

Don't waste time, ready when you are!