Environmental Commitment

We get it - packing up a single-use, all natural smoothie provided by mother earth, only to throw it back by adding to the masses of landfill is a bit of a contradiction.
The team at Ready Blends doesn’t take this lightly, so we think we have come up with a happy medium between having tasty, nutritious smoothies at the flick of a switch whilst causing as little impact to the environment as possible.


Plant-a-tree Program

We have teamed up with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund and their plant-a-tree program to try and give back what we have taken.
For every 100 smoothies sold, ReadyBlends will plant 1 tree.
The even better news is that these trees will be planted in protected regions of Western Australia – no one can touch them for 100 years!



We have provided an option to purchase foam eskies. We encourage customers to use, and reuse our eskies over and over again.


Recycle Program

Our cups are recyclable, and they themselves are derived from recycled paper products. Recycling of products is not as easy as it should be – it is shocking to know that some suburbs in Perth do not even have household recycling bins. All products have to be thoroughly washed before going in the bin – either do your bit or leave it to us.
Leave your used cups in your esky at the front of your door, for your next order, and we will recycle them for you.