How does ReadyBlends work?

Our blends have been perfectly measured and portioned to make one smoothie that you can enjoy as a nutritious snack or meal replacement. We provide each blend with a mix of whole, nutritious ingredients with no added sugars, powders or anything heated or refined. Simply place your order through our website and select your favourite smoothies. We will deliver at least 8 smoothies directly to your door. Store them in your freezer and when you are ready to enjoy them, simply tear open the pack, throw it in the blender and add the specified liquid. It’s that simple!

What do I add to my smoothies?

Each pack explains what type of liquid we recommend adding to your smoothie, but water also works great. A liquid base is all you will need to add to your smoothie.

Do I need to defrost my pack?

Definitely not! Our smoothie blends are best enjoyed straight from the freezer. If your ingredients are somewhat stuck together, simply bang the pack lightly on the counter.

How long does it take to make the smoothies?

Our blends shouldn’t take much longer than 1 minute to make (depending on the strength of your blender). We have done all the hard work for you, so that you can start enjoying your smoothie as soon as possible.

Do I require a specific blender?

No. Our blends are chopped small enough to be whipped up by any blender. If your blender is struggling, just add more liquid and/or put it on for a bit longer.

How long can I keep in the freezer?

Our Blends will last a minimum of 3 months when stored correctly in a freezer. We recommend consuming them within 6 months.


What is in the blends?

We provide each blend with a mix of whole, nutritious ingredients with no added sugars, powders or anything heated or refined. Only all natural ingredients!

Do your products have nutritional information?

Yes, all our nutritional information and ingredients is clearly on all our smoothie blend packs. Sometimes we have updated and improved our blends, so the packs may refer you to our website for information.

Are your products local or imported?

While our best efforts are made to source local ingredients, due to seasonal changes this is not always possible. When there is a choice, we will always choose local suppliers. We only use reputable suppliers that carry out lab tests on all imported products. You can be assured that the blends we deliver are of the highest possible quality.

Are ReadyBlends good for weight loss?

Our blends are designed to maximise your fruit and vegetable intake as well as supplying your body with other natural products, such as nuts and seeds, to nourish your body by providing vital vitamins and minerals. All our blends have been manipulated according to recommended nutrition guidelines to keep both sugar and saturated fat low. Whilst all our blends are super nutritious, please see each pack to see if it suits your individual dietary requirements.

Can I use them as a meal replacement?

ReadyBlends are a great meal (we particularly love them for breakfast) or they can be used for a nutritious snack. Look for our high protein blends for a more fulfilling smoothie.

Where do the recipes come from?

We come up with our own recipes. We spend endless hours trialling different combinations of ingredients to come up with our blends that not only taste amazing but also come with an optimised nutritional content. Be on the lookout for new smoothie flavours!


Why should I buy from you instead of making my own?

It comes down to these five factors: time, cost, wastage, nutrition and flavour! Time: It is very time consuming sourcing all the ingredients for your smoothie then washing, peeling and chopping them every day (usually all before work). So we’ve saved you the hassle and done it for you. Cost: We spend time sourcing quality suppliers and buying ingredients in wholesale quantities, so we can pass that saving down to our customers. Our product costs are simply lower than anywhere you can get in retail proportions. Wastage: One bunch of kale for one smoothie? (we’ve all been there). Making smoothies as home creates a lot of wastage and leaves food rotting in your fridge. Problem solved with our ready-to-go blends! Nutrition: We have spent hours upon hours manipulating our recipes to ensure that our blends adhere to recommended nutritional guidelines. Flavour: Just throw anything in a smoothie and it’ll work out? We don’t think so! We have worked long and hard to come up with our unique (and sometimes unusual) blends. You won’t find a boring smoothie at ReadyBlends!

Why choose smoothies and not cold-pressed juices?

Our smoothie blends will last longer than juices, so they will be ready whenever you are. Also, when juice is pressed a lot of the fibre content is lost, whereas our smoothies will retain these essential nutrients. In addition, our blends are balanced with fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whereas juices are often high in sugar as they are predominantly fruit based. ReadyBlends provides you with a whole, balanced drink that will leave you satisfied.

Why do you use frozen produce instead of fresh?

There are a few main reasons why we use frozen ingredients. Having our blends frozen means that you can keep them for lengthy periods of time in your freezer, allowing you to grab a smoothie whenever you want. It also means you can enjoy certain fruits/vegetables even when they are not in season. Our fruits and vegetables are frozen shortly after they are harvested and are allowed to fully ripen before they are picked. This means they are at their nutritional peak, so packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, having frozen packs means that our smoothies turn out with a thick, textured blend, adding to the overall enjoyment of the smoothie!

Does freezing fruits/vegetables affect their nutritional content?

Freezing is a good way to preserve the nutritional value, texture and flavour of many fruits and vegetables. The initial quality of the food and the length of time between harvest and freezing are important factors. As long as the food was grown in a high-quality way (we only source from quality suppliers) and was fairly fresh at the time of freezing, the overall nutrient retention in a frozen food is very high.


How does delivery work?

We deliver your chosen blends straight to your front door every week. You will receive an ice pack within a cardboard box or foam esky (depending on your check out selection). There is a flat rate delivery fee of $10 for deliveries within the Perth metropolitan area. 

When is the cut off time/day for ordering my smoothies?

Our cut off day is 12pm Monday & Thursday, for a Tuesday/Friday delivery North of the River and 12pm Tuesday & Friday, for a Wednesday/Saturday delivery South of the River. Make sure that you place your order by this time or you will miss out on your smoothies for the next week!

When are the smoothies delivered?

All our deliveries occur between 8:00AM to 6:00PM 

What do I receive with my order?

You will receive your order in a cardboard box, with an ice pack to keep it cool for approximately 2 hours. Or, if you purchased/supplied a foam esky, it will stay frozen for 4 hours.

Will my food stay frozen in transit?

Yes, however we do recommend popping them straight in the freezer as soon as you can.

What happens if I am not at home?

We will leave your delivery by the front door. You will be notified upon it's delivery. If you do not think you will be home for a while, it is best to purchase or provide an esky to ensure your order stays frozen longer.

Can I pick up?

Yes! We keep a variety of smoothies on hand at all times at our commercial kitchen in O'Connor we'd love you to pop on in we are there Monday to Friday 9 - 5 and weekends by arrangement.

6/30 Peel Road, O'Connor WA 6163